$2 Billion Dollar Sunshine Coast University Hospital

Sunshine Coast University Hospital – Will you be part of the picture? If you live in or around the Sunshine Coast and have not heard about the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital you must have been living under a rock. The hospital construction has been...

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How is Your 2016 Looking?

  Have you taken action in 2016?   Where do you want to be in 2021?   Do you know are you going to get there?   I know I have just bombarded you with three questions and have not even allowed you to answer one. But I just wanted to give you...

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What’s Planned for Greater Springfield

There has been a bit of hype surrounding the Greater Springfield area and what is going on over there – and with good reason!! When complete, the investment in Greater Springfield is calculated to be worth more than $85 billion. More than $11.7 billion has been...

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The Banks & APRA are Tightening the Screws!

Have you heard the uproar over what the banks and APRA (Australian Prudential Regulator Authority – the regulator of banks) have been up to? You would have to have been under a rock for the last 12 months if you had not seen the news, heard the talk, brought a...

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Did I Mention – Do Your Research?

Since you have all been part of my home buying journey thus far I thought I may as well take you through to the end! After much to and fro my offer has finally been accepted on a cute little town house in the Sunny Coast suburb of Sippy Downs! Finance has been...

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Communication…. Here’s What I’ve Learnt

Following on from my last blog about getting your finance sorted I thought I would share more of my personal experiences in purchasing a property. Communication……. this is a huge part of any successful partnership, deal, business, marriage or just general everyday...

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Travel is a lot like Buying an Investment Property!

Well that’s a statement!! Some of you might think buying an investment property is nothing like going traveling and seeing the world…… so let me explain. When we travel, whether it is overseas or in your own country, first of all we must have a goal or a...

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Preparing For Your Loan Application

As I have just been approved for my very first home loan (wohoo) I felt it would be a good experience to share with you all. Before we even get started on borrowing – you should have a good overall idea of your financial position. Your assets versus your...

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How to Invest when Money is Tight

There are a lot of numbers you need to consider carefully if you plan to invest in property when money is tight. Firstly there are numbers related to the purchase price you can afford. This includes the deposit, stamp duty, legal fees, pest & building inspections...

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How to Pick a Property Hot Spot

When investing in property you want to try and find the next property hot spot to help you achieve maximum profit and hit your capital growth or cash flow goals faster. This can sometimes be hard to work out, you need to do a lot of research and have you hit the...

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What Type of Investment Property Should I Buy?

Often when speaking with my clients, one of the first questions they ask is “what is the best investment property to buy?” This will depend on you the client and what your goals and investment strategy are. Some people are looking for cash flow as they don’t have a...

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Vision Boards For Kids

Now that you have created your own vision board and have your dreams and goals in your sights –  it’s time to get the kids involved! As with adults it is so important for kids to have dreams and goals – and for them to be able to see them on a...

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