Small Lenders vs The Big Four

Choosing the right loan for you can often be daunting. There are many traditional lenders to consider when looking for a home loan, including small lenders or the Big Four banks; your mortgage broker can guide you through the choice of lenders. Here we will look at...

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Goverment Gives Clarity on Depreciation Changes

The property market has finally received some clarity in relation to the Government’s plan to reduce depreciation deductions for residential properties. And we think the news is pretty good! Last month The Treasury Office released a draft bill regarding how...

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Interest only V’S Principal & Interest

Interest only V’S Principal & Interest – What’s the difference? In light of the current low interest rates, many of our clients have been asking us whether it is better to adopt interest only (IO) or principal & interest (P&I) repayments on...

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The Smart Investor Swims Against the Current!

Are you a smart investor? Or do you follow the herd of sheep – or maybe you are a fish mindlessly swimming along with the current? I want you to start thinking like a shark, going against the current, being the top predator and ruling the ocean, or in this case...

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Every Broker is the same right?

As some of you may know – well over 50% of mortgages these days are taken care of by a broker and, well, why not? We are in the industry that can offer you the best package / rate / product to suit your needs. Some might argue that all brokers have access to all...

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First Home Owners Grant Extended

Instead of scrapping the First Home Owners Grant (formerly called the Great Start Grant), the Queensland Government have extended it until the end of the year! So if you are a first home buyer you could be eligible for benefits of up to $28,750! No, that is NOT A...

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Check Out These Tax Tips – Get Planning For Next Year

So Tax time is upon us again (where has the year gone?!) If you have been following our blog posts you will have used all our Tax tips throughout the year to maximise your returns and be smiling all the way to the tax man. As it’s fresh in your mind we thought...

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World of Pain for Property Investors!

If you are currently a property investor or looking to invest in property in Australia the rules have recently changed. Some of you that already have investment loans will have seen the banks raise the interest rates, outside any rate rise by the Reserve Bank of...

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Fixed Rates VS Variable Rates

Choosing the right home loan with the best interest rates can help you save thousands of dollars. It is so important to concentrate on comparing and contrasting home loans and rates to determine which one meets your individual requirements and needs before making your...

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Statistics Are IN! Sea / Tree Changes Are Where It’s At

Every year data is released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on the national migration across Australia. The latest publication is showing that a growing number of interstate migrations are those looking for a sea / tree change or are heading to the outskirts of...

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