7 Steps To Investing in Cash Flow Positive Property

Secure your financial future with the 7 steps to Property Investing. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced investor Chris unlocks the secrets and strategies to success in the industry.

What's In The Book?

Your Strategy / Plan

Your Team



The Purchase


Portfolio Review & Management

YES, Rush Me A Copy...

Inside this book you will discover how to strategically set your self up for success in Property Investing. You will learn...

✔ Strategy - First things first...... you need to form a strategy or plan; without it how are you going to hit your goals, targets, needs and wants?

✔ Team - Why is having a team so important? Buying a property is a team sport... 

✔ Finance - Getting your finance in order is probably the biggest thing that will drive your investment property portfolio forward. 

✔ Research - Research is the fun bit, but it can also be really confusing and often quite daunting. This is where you look at locations, infrastructure, population growth, hot spots, rental vacancy rates, rental returns, the type of property you're after

✔ The Purchase - Step 5 is the most exciting step; it means you are moving forward! 

✔ Settlement - Settlement has taken place.......... *Congratulations* you are now the owner of your investment property.

✔ Portfolio Management - Portfolio review and management is the critical step that takes you from being a mum and dad investor of one investment property, to a true property investor with a multiple property portfolio and wealth creation.

and much much more

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