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Property Equity = Pot of gold.Equity Rainbow

We have all seen a rainbow and said to the kids… “See that rainbow – there’s a pot of gold at the end”  the kids then ask if we can go and find it? Erm… no not really!? But sometimes in life there actually IS a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and you CAN go and find it….. you just have to know where and how to find it.

equity potofgoldThe pot of gold I’m referring to is the equity that is tied up in the property that you own. A lot of people I come across have hundreds and thousands tied up in the equity of their house that they are getting no return on or using to build their wealth.

Building wealth is not hard but you do need to be educated, not like going to school or university, but educated in property, real estate, shares, business and compound interest. This learning is done by those that get help in understanding how to become wealthy. These are topics are not taught in schools or universities, they are taught through specialised courses then shared at home around the dining table, maybe with family or close friends, and then you are never to talk about it outside the house with other people.


Often in Australia we have a tall poppy syndrome where if you are very successful and wealthy people think that you are getting more than you are entitled and you are not paying enough tax. This is something as a culture we need to change! We must congratulate the successful and the entrepreneurs – these people take big risks to make big profits. These are the people that create  jobs and often give back to the community with donations of money and time. Sometimes these entrepreneurs also have big losses, but they don’t give up. It is their mind set and determination that set them apart and allow them to create great wealth – as they all have the same amount of time in the day as you and me.

So even if you are starting out small I want you to imagine what wealth would look like for you? What having a passive income would do for you? What are the benefits to your life if you start to have an open mind. By creating an open mind you allow yourself to be educated around wealth and make smart decisions to create a better life for you and your family.

pot-of-gold-blogWhy all the talk about mind set? Because you need this to find your pot of gold, learn how this
money is tied up in your equity. How to access it? What you can do with it?

So if you want to know how much your unused equity is costing you, find out what the rich know and build wealth for you and your family then let Chris share some of his knowledge with you!

Contact Blue Wave Property Strategies at info@bluewaveproperty.com.au or call Chris direct on 0434 449 455.

Find that pot of gold and let us help you “Ride the Wave to Wealth”