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We have already introduced you to Aura, the master-planned community set to be developed on the Sunshine Coast in one of our previous blogs. Stocklands has now released a whole lot more on this exciting project and we want to keep you informed! Lets talk City Centre…..


A 24/7 City
Energetic, dynamic and vibrant – Aura will be a place for everyone with a mesmerizing mix of special places, activities and opportunities that will be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The 200 hectare City Centre will accommodate more than 5,000 dwellings, 100,000m2 of retail and 50,000m2 of commercial floor space and will be the thriving epicentre of the community, a place where all activities, pursuits and uses come together. Whether it be going to the office, shopping your heart out, fine dining, going to the gym, staying overnight in a funky hotel or coming home, the City Centre will be where it all happens.


Situated at the mid-point of Main Street and northeast facing to maximise cooling summer breezes and optimise solar access, the City Square will be the best public square on the Sunshine Coast. The City Square will be a generous plaza space of 4,000m2, providing sufficient space for a range of activities to take place at the same time. Supported activities include performances and displays, markets and community activities, outdoor dining or just sitting and relaxing. The bustling, 24/7 vibe of the City Square will be enhanced by surrounding high quality retail spaces, adjacent civic uses and hotel and office uses above.


The City Core will be developed as the retail and commercial hub of Aura. The top of the Aura centre hierarchy, the City Core will accommodate a major regional shopping centre and provide the highest order retail and commercial uses, as well as residential and community uses. Development is to provide for a wide range of employment and business opportunities. The northern end of the City Core is anchored by the People’s Place, which provides a mixture of leisure, recreational, cultural and commercial opportunities. The People’s Place will be complemented by higher density residential uses, with ground level commercial and retail uses developed along its southern edge to ensure an active street is developed. Land for local and regional cultural, community and civic uses are encouraged to be located within the City Core to reinforce its role as a major community node.

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Active streets are to be developed to create interest and pedestrian movement within the City Core. An east-west street along the southern edge of the People’s Place will provide a range of outdoor dining, commercial, community and shop front retail uses at ground and upper levels. A north-south street, Main Street will connect from a plaza at the People’s Place to the Transit Centre and Central Park to the south. Development is to be designed to ensure that buildings address these streets and are to be a minimum of 3 storeys at key nodes to reinforce the urban nature of the City Centre. Active street edges are to contain shop fronts to activate streets and secondary active edges, which require buildings to address the street. A mix of higher density residential, retail and commercial, community and civic uses are to be provided adjoining and immediately north of the Transit Centre at the southern end of the Core.


The City Centre Frame East zone is to be predominately developed for a range of commercial, large format retail and community uses. A commercial and office precinct is intended to be established adjoining the People’s Place and is to be developed with a high quality built form that addresses the Bells Creek Arterial and responds appropriately to its gateway location. There is potential for a private university and tertiary learning facilities to be accommodated in this zone and integrated with the People’s Place. A health precinct is also to be developed within this zone, adjoining the Transit Centre in conjunction with medium and higher density residential uses to take advantage of its location adjoining Central Park and public transport.

Stay tuned for the next update ‘Environment & Open Spaces’