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HousingTwo residential villages are to be developed within Aura – to the north of the City Centre Core and Frame zones. The residential villages north of the City centre zone will provide a range of low and medium density residential dwellings. Higher density residential development in the form of semi-detached & attached low rise dwellings and some multi-unit dwellings are set to maximise the northern section of the People’s Place. The western residential neighbourhood will focus on providing a range of low-density residential dwellings with higher density residential development focused toward Bells Creek North to capitalise on the adjoining natural amenity.


The City Centre Frame West zone is to be predominately developed for low rise detached, semi-attached and attached homes. A private primary and secondary school is proposed to be developed within 400m of the Transit Centre and will be designed to be urban in form to maximise its location in proximity of the Transit Centre and City Centre Core.


A vegetated corridor of up to 400 metres wide will be rehabilitated and established along Bells Creek North and Bells Creek South to provide a buffer to urban development, expand riparian vegetation and provide for ecological connections throughout Aura City. The creek corridors will also accommodate fauna refuges, stormwater management devices, pedestrian and cycling paths and passive open space for community use on their
outer edges. In addition to the rehabilitated creek corridors to the north and south of the City Centre, Aura Centre will be the home of, the City Square, Central Park and the People’s Place, which will be developed with the highest level of embellishments to support major sporting and cultural events and act as regional lifestyle, entertainment and cultural hubs, providing opportunities for integration of a range of community, leisure and entertainment uses.


Located at the northern end of the City Centre Core, the People’s Place will be an exciting new urban parkland destination for the Sunshine Coast, offering a wide range of attractions, leisure facilities and event spaces that will be a draw card for residents and visitors of all ages. Spread over 11 hectares, this distinctive green space will be the perfect place for relaxing community gatherings and social get-togethers as well as a signature tourist destination and festival space. Key elements include water features, aquatic centre, playgrounds, picnic areas and public art that will blend seamlessly with major community facilities and large spaces for festivals, markets and other events, with plenty of quiet nooks to explore.


The People’s Place will also be a relaxing destination for friends to catch up for a drink or meal, with a range of restaurants and bars to complement the urban green space. An extensive network of pathways will criss-cross the People’s Place and will seamlessly connect it with Aura City Centre Core and Frame areas, with adjacent residential zones and transport nodes to ensure easy access for residents and visitors. The People’s Place will be framed on all sides by the highest quality civic, retail and residential development, including Stockland’s largest shopping centre, proposed performing arts centre, private university and high-density residential development.