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Bus TrainThe form and structure of Aura supports frequent and accessible transport services to enable residents to access regional destinations in approximately 15 minutes through….

~ provision of a dedicated high frequency bus corridor connected to Bells Creek Arterial enabling high speed transport connections to Oceanside and Beerwah

~ establishment of a road network that provides connection to the Caloundra Business District

~ provision of an integrated Transit Centre in the City Centre and provision of the CAMCOS
corridor enabling future rail and bus connections to Maroochydore, Oceanside, Caloundra, Beerwah and Brisbane

~establishment of cycle paths connecting Aura to Caloundra Road and into the coastal pathway network.


carResidents will be able to access services and employment within 15 minutes of home through….

~ an interconnected cycle and pedestrian path network linking residential areas to local employment precincts, schools and centres

~ establishment of dedicated, road separated walking and cycling network connecting District and Neighbourhood Centres, Business and Enterprise Parks and the City Centre

~ a primary road network based on a 800 metre grid supporting a frequent and accessible local public transport system

~ a permeable road network that disperses traffic efficiently, providing choice and mitigating congestion.

BikeAura is designed as a network of destinations whereby local trips are undertaken by walking or cycling through the provision of…

~ sub-tropical landscape and urban form that provides shade and a comfortable and equitable environment

~ appropriate densities and compact walk able urban structure in the immediate proximity of hubs that support active living and public transport

~ Crime Prevention Through Environment Design (CPTED) elements to encourage a safe and activated transit network.