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Well 2017 has kicked off in a big way, it’s going to be a massive year and we are already a quarter  down. What have you done to better yourself or how have you helped others? Have you set your goals for 2017 and is your vision board filled with pictures, dreams and aspirations?

What is your mind set for 2017? Are you a glass half full person or half empty? I have been around many mentoring groups and inspirational business leaders and the biggest common thread is you need to start with your mind set.

rat race

Exiting the rate race takes time, planning and action. You must make some time towards actioning your goals. Now when I’m referring to the rate race, I’m talking about being part of that daily grind. To exit the rat race means you are able to have the freedom and quality of time, which comes with having surplus money and cash flow and not working from week to week. I love what I do so it is not really work, I have created a life style, living in a desirable location, surfing in the mornings, eating great food, travelling, the ability to pay my bills when they are due, spending time with my family and having that awesome work life balance. Now I’m not saying I’m completely ready to stop working with passive income of $200k plus per year but I’m on my way.

rat race

How have I been able to begin to achieve this? I started in the world of property investing back when I was 27, buying my first property – a town house on the Gold Coast. It was just before the property boom and it was the right decision at the right time. All I was focused on was to get a property for my family to live in. I did not know it at the time but the property would increase in value by about $60k with in 6 months. It showed me how to make money from smart property deals and it was easier than working for money. It was investing in property and I loved it.

Since then I have been involved in the property industry and it has been my number one wealth creation strategy. There is no golden ticket or magic pill, unless you win the lotto but I don’t bank on that. It is about a plan and implementing it. With the knowledge of advanced strategy property deals; these are the ones with cash flow from day one and potential profits or equity on the completion of the project. I’m not saying you can start every project like that straight away. Sometimes it is about purchasing in the right area and looking for large infrastructure projects and also scarcity of land that will drive prices higher faster, this is where you are likely to see capital growth .

The biggest thing I can say is to start to invest now, the earlier you start making your money work for you the better off you will be in later life. Look at everything, your earning potential, cash savings, existing real estate (usually the owner-occupied home), your superannuation, shares and any business ventures or cash machines.

Review your returns and make sure you are actively playing the game. It is a game – but it is a very serious game – if you do not play it well, then you are left with nothing. If you play the game well then you will have maximum benefit, wealth and fun. The average age we live is about 80 years, so where do you sit, how much time do you have left? I’m currently 42, say if we say I’m going to live to around 80 – I have another 38 years to live. That is approximately another 13,870 days….. that is about 19,972,800 minutes left! Imagine that you can work out what each minute means to your life. Now I’m not saying you are going to die at 80 but it put it in to perspective. What are you going to do with your time left….. it’s time to start thinking about how you are going to exit the RATE RACE? Time is ticking!

rat race

If you want me to check over your financial position and let you know if, how and when we can start your exit strategy then give me a call NOW 0434 449 455 or drop us an email at info@bluewaveproperty.com.au and we can start you on the way to creating real wealth through property investing.

Cheers Chris