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Take action

When is the right time to take action??


Now is the right time to take action, now is the right time to buy that  investment property! It’s crazy the amount of people I see sitting on the fence that are forever waiting for the perfect property or deal to come along, that’s just it – they will be sitting on the fence forever!! There is no better time to invest than now – why do I say this? Property is an investment and so long as you do your homework and research into the growing areas and buy the right type of property then you have ticked all the boxes.

Property value usually increase over time, don’t we always say I wish I had purchased that property 20 years ago when I had the opportunity, it only cost ………….. now it’s worth 3 times that much. We have all been there or know someone that has. We must realise that we are not making any more land; so this is a scarce resource and it IS going to run out! So people want to live close to the cities CBD, infrastructure, schools, shopping centres, beaches, life style activities, hospitals etc these are the places that are going to increase in value faster than buying in the country or in destinations with less facilities.

Time is your best friend when it comes to investing as the longer you own the property – usually the more money you make. So now is the time to take action.

Now you do need to have a plan and set your goals, research the area you want to invest in. After that you actually need to go out and buy a property, this is the action taking stage. Put an offer in, find land and build or develop – sign the actual contract. This is the biggest factor I see in the clients that move forward and build massive property portfolios is – THEY TAKE ACTION. But also remember you are still going to have to make sure you have your finance in order before you sign that contract. I know it can be scary and uncomfortable but make sure you are not doing it alone and have mentors or experts help you. Make sure these people have done it before and own properties too. They must practice what they preach.

If you want to buy property and make money out of property you must take ACTION! Contact us here at Blue Wave Property Strategies where we can guide you into taking the action you need to move forward with property and ride the wave to wealth!