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Following on from my last blog about getting your finance sorted I thought I would share more of my personal experiences in purchasing a property.


Communication……. this is a huge part of any successful partnership, deal, business, marriage or just general everyday life. When communication breaks down, worlds can fall apart. This has been my number one frustration in looking to buy a property so far…. not enough communication.
I have learnt that as the client, I want to be kept updated on as much information as possible, and if there is no information to pass on, I want to know that too.

This has taught me a huge lesson in how I communicate with our clients. I often don’t make contact with a client if there is nothing to currently report, but if they are in the middle of a build and waiting for a stage to be finished and are not hearing anything from me this may be really frustrating for them and even think we have forgotten them or are too busy with other clients to follow up. Fact of the matter is behind the scenes I have contacted the developer for an update, they have then gone on to chase up the supervisor for an update – who it turns out has gone away for a couple of days and won’t have anything to report until next week. I don’t want to bother the client by calling or emailing to say that I have nothing to report until next week, but what I don’t see is the client checking their email and phone ten times a day willing for me to make contact and give them an update. Communication… for some it seems over the top, for others it’s essential for peace of mind.


I think it is important to find out your clients expected level of communication. Some like constant updates on any detail (like me) and some like to only hear from you when there is substantial information to pass on. Some like to be called and some are happy with a simple text or email.

So from now on I have decided that part of our new client initiation is finding out their communication expectations as well as their preferred method of communication. This will create a better relationship and make sure that our client’s needs are being met. I think this should be part of everyone’s client initiation process for a smoother more successful relationship.