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Façade of a dual dwelling house

Façade of a dual dwelling house

The dual occupancy  property is a revolutionary product that fundamentally boosts the yield and cash flow available from an investment property, changing a negative gearing outlook to one that is positively geared. From the street front it presents as a high quality- single residential home. Its when you look at the floor plan that the revolutionary design becomes clear.
What appears to be one dwelling on the outside is in fact two dwellings on the inside, producing two incomes.

The reason that dual occupancy is so good is that achievable rents are about 50% higher than for a house of similar value
-Located in high demand areas because they are just as affordable as the typical 4 – bedroom investment house
If one of the dual occupancy has one of the dwellings vacant for any period, the other will still be producing rent, minimising risk to cash flow – Positive Cash flow and strongly geared from the very first monthly rental payment for most investors
Dual occupancy has low outgoings- no strata fees, low council and water rates, which maximises yields and cash flow.
– Average investors who are able to borrow 100% will have more net income that previously after all cost are paid.
Consider Dual Occupancy for your next investment. Talk to Blue Wave Property Strategies now!