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Well this week’s blog post is on the importance of having a coffee!


In Australia we love our coffee…..  I often have meetings over coffee with clients, referrers, other professionals or catch ups with friends and family. It’s a great way to get back to the face to face communication – it enables us to express what we are feeling in real emotions, none of this misconstrued text or email.  Being present allows us to express how we are, where we would like to be and general a bit of networking or gossiping (depending on the company). It is also a great ice breaker when meeting clients for the first time – before we get down to finding out a little more about them and some of the goals they would like to achieve.


I also use coffee for my planning of the day, what do I need to do? who do I need to call? Everything seems easier to organise with a coffee in hand. As I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast most of my coffee shops are opposite the beach so I like to sit and smell the salt in the air and get some fresh oxygen into the lungs.

(those are NOT my thongs)


Now I’m a coffee snob, I like a good crema, velvet frothed milk and the art of a great coffee. I only have select places that I will go for coffee. So next time you are in the Sunshine Coast sing out – we can have an informal chat about your current portfolio or let me know what your kids have been up to or maybe planning the next holiday? I love to find out about you, my clients, friends and business associates.

My top 5 Coffee hang outs on the Sunshine Coast are;

1 good_bean_logo.jpg-300x79Mooloolaba Esplanade – just behind the Mooloolaba Surf Club

2 Black Market Coffee, River Esplanade, Mooloolaba

3 Via Italia, Mooloolaba Esplanade

4 Francis Bean, Mari St, Alexandra Headland

5 Emjay’s Café, Mooloolaba Esplanade


Look forward to seeing you soon – lets have coffee :p

Cheers Chris