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Investment portfolio

Do you have an investment property portfolio? Don’t know where to start? What makes a good property investment and what makes a bad property investment?

When investing in property, shares or any other investment, you are investing to better yourself, create wealth and freedom. So how is your current investment property performing? Are you happy with your results? Do you even know what return you are getting on your money? It is creating more cash flow in your life? Is it creating freedom?

What is a successful Investment Portfolio? It is going to be different for everyone, however getting positive returns is always a good start. Having a plan and goals is super important – so you know what you are trying to achieve. The safest investment is a term deposits with the bank, they maybe giving you about 2% interest which is hardly a lucrative investment!Investment portfolioFor an investment property a rental return of at least 5.5% (ultimately close to 7%) and an average of 5-6% per year on the growth of the value of the property is ideal. However with property it goes in cycles so sometimes you will get 10% and other times 2%. So timing in the market is extremely important. Because if you invest at the right time and you buy a $500,000 property and the market goes up by 10% you make $50,000, which for some is an entire years salary! If you sell in the down turn then it can create a loss which of course is not the desired result.

I would tend to prefer building a property portfolio, using advance strategy techniques, where we aim for cash flow, equity uplift, profits or forcing capital growth. Some of these techniques are helping Blue Wave Property Strategies clients get returns on their capital of 50% which is amazing. Some of our clients are making over $150,000 per property investment! Now that is successful investing!! They then take some of this profit to re-invest and do it all over again, creating them real wealth through property without even having to lift  finger!Investment portfolioTalk to us for any of your investing needs……

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