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So today we are talking about Letters and how we can help you with these fixed rate loan or an introductory rate loan.

Have you ever received a letter like this?

If you have ever had a fixed rate loan or an introductory rate/honeymoon rate loan, then the chances are you would have received a letter like this when it is nearing its discounted expiry period.

Following on from my previous post below, this letter was perfect timing for me to share with you and prove my point that your current lender may not be offering you the lowest rates they could be. This letter is regarding my own lending and it arrived in the mail for me today. The bank has kindly sent me a reminder that my fixed rate loan is due to roll over to a variable rate next month. The current rate is 3.99%. however the roll over rate jumps up to an eyewatering 4.92%.
Nowhere in the letter from the bank does it offer to review my rates or offer me a discount. Have they even tried to keep me as a customer ? No! Are they offering me a good incentive to stay ? No! Am I a long term customer of theirs ? Yes But are they looking after me as a valued customer ??????? Hmmmmm!

Being in this industry I know I can smash that rate down and save a tonne of cash on interest but as a consumer and without the help of someone being on your side how would you know?

As your Broker we are on your side and love nothing more then beating the banks at their own game!
Call us today on 0434 449 455 or send us an email at info@bluewaveproperty.com.au to discuss your current rates to see how much we can save you so we can help you ride the wave to wealth!