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Currently at the moment if you are an investor you might be looking at whether to grab a life vest and sell some of your properties as this is an uncertain time. Over the long term however this is a losing strategy.

I think we can all take this as a learning curve to invest in more quality investments instead of quantity of investments. Also, to keep the diversification of your portfolio across the board so that you don’t have all your eggs in one basket. This will then better prepare you and keep you ahead of everyone else in the market even if a global crisis happens.

In this time, it is vital to stay calm to make smart decisions and not to make panic decisions which could destroy your investment portfolio. This is actually the time to start building your property portfolio as the prices on properties drop you can pick up a property for a great price. You must also remember to keep looking at this as a marathon and not a sprint. And look what’s best in the long run. As even though now prices have dropped the market will bounce back once everything settles.

Real estate investments are usually less susceptible to market instability compared to other financial investments such as stocks. So defiantly the safest investment and the least risk investment would be property. As this investment will take less of a dip then all of the other investment opportunities.

So, if you would like to make a safe investment opportunity then come to us, we have a great range of investment properties just for you and will keep you safer if a global crisis like this ever happens again. Give Chris a call on 0434 449 455 for a chat on investment property strategy.