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Chris Skiing Holiday

Do you love a holiday? I do! I try to get away every six months, even if it is just camping. It’s like a time to reset, relax and reinvigorate! You need the time to just be and spend time with your family or maybe some free time for yourself. The batteries need to be topped up! We spend a lot of our time at work always trying to get ahead and the pressures of modern day living can be tough. Paying bills, kids and the school run, parent taxi, job pressures it all mounts up and the stress we put on ourselves to do this, want that etc. is monumental.

A holiday gives you time to check in with friends, enjoy going out to dinner, going on little adventures or like my family we just got back from Queenstown where we went skiing. It was one of the best family holidays. All that fresh mountain air lets you clean the grey matter between the ears and lets new ideas come through, which evolves into goals and then a plan.

Chris and the boys holiday

After all, if you are building a multi-million dollar property portfolio, you need to enjoy the spoils of all your hard work investing. This is setting a goal to enjoy life! Where would you like to go for your next holiday? Skiing in NZ, maybe visit a temple in Cambodia, see the Grand Canyon in the USA, or camping on Frazer Island 4WD up the beach?

Please message us and let us know where your next holiday is booked for and share some photos back to Blue Wave Property Strategies Facebook page where other property investors can see the lifestyle you are building for yourself.

If you want to become part of the Blue Wave Property Strategies community and help work out your next holiday through investing in property. Please call and make an appointment for your Strategy with myself 0434 449 455 or drop me an EMAIL. We can talk property, strategy and travels! Look forward to talking to you.

Cheers Chris