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The property clock shows buyers, sellers and investors where the property market is at any given time across Australia.   It is not a one size fits all proposition. All cities and towns will be at different points in the clock at any given time.

Understanding the Property Clock is important in trying to identify areas that have possibility of strong future growth.

The property clock is generally divided into 4 sections: peak, declining (or downswing), bottom, rising (or upswing).  Over the next month, I will take you through each section.


This is also known as 12 o’clock on the property clock.   Generally, this is the time when the market is at its highest, prices are increasing and there is an under-supply of stock on the market.

Is being at the peak, the best time for an investor to buy or sell?  Well, that depends on your individual circumstances and property strategy.

Knowing when to hold ‘em and knowing when to fold ‘em, is an important aspect of property investment.  By understanding the property clock for your particular market/s, you can add value to your portfolio.

Next week, I will look at the declining market.  Stay tuned…..