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SunCentral 8

Maroochydore CBD ‘SunCentral’ is well underway and is already well ahead of the class. Most businesses set goals for the next 12 months at the start of each year; at SunCentral they’ve been looking much further ahead in the delivery of key features of the future CBD. These features include world-leading Internet speeds for business, research and educationas well as outstanding public Wi-Fi access. The CBD is poised to become one of Australia’s most advanced centres.


Future plans for Suncentral include street lights that become brighter when cars & pedestrians pass, they will also activate a strobe effect if someone screams! There will be flat screen advertising that will activate on motion sensors, smart phone apps to tell you where the nearest vacant parking space is and foot traffic sensors that tell you where the crowds are heading.

While these latest technological innovations might sound like something out of the future – they are much closer to coming to fruition on the Sunshine Coast.

The CBD will have its own fibre network and will use ‘smart-city’ technology to make its lighting, transport and parking as user-friendly as possible. SunCentral technology adviser Zach Johnson wants internet speeds of 10Gb-a-second to be the baseline for businesses and residents in the new Maroochydore CBD.. Australia’s average speed, measured in December last year, was 25.88 Megabits a second, nearly 400 times slower than what is hoped to become standard in the new development.

In January, they began searching for a commercial partner to help design and implement a digital strategy to ensure the new Maroochydore CBD is a cutting-edge community for decades to come. SunCentral also wants the CBD to continue to develop innovative services and embrace ‘The Internet of Things’, which is already increasing connectivity between electronic devices and infrastructure.

SunCentral 9

An Automatic Waste Collection Service will use underground pipes to transfer waste directly from apartments, offices and businesses.

There was more exciting news in January when it was revealed the North Coast Connect submission for a fast rail service linking the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane had been shortlisted by the Federal Government. The project would undoubtedly attract more businesses to Maroochydore and cut congestion – a double win from technology companies to partner for the Sunshine Coast. If successful, the plan will eventually see passenger rail services running, but if the CBD is to remain one of Australia’s most advanced centres, planning for the next wave of innovation must start now.