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Investment Property

I am often talking to my clients about how busy their life is and that they seem to have less and less time to do the things they love; like spending time with the family, going on holidays, enjoying their hobbies and even having romantic time with their partners…..

So where are you going to get some spare time to consider your finances, set your goals and get an investing plan? You need to fit this in around your job or business, your children, your partner, your fitness and your weekend hobbies. Life just gets in the way and before you know it you’re in the Rate Race or on the hamster wheel….. going round and round and getting no further ahead.

Well something needs to change – because becoming smart about your investing and knowing your finances can make a massive difference to your lifestyle later in life.

Investment property

When you start thinking about your retirement…. where do you want to live – close to the beach or in the city? I bet it’s not in a dingy flat in an undesirable area! Will you get the best medical care available or are you happy to be just a public patient….  wait in line and take a ticket? All of these variables in your retirement years can be determined right now!

You know with the amount of people I talk to; the majority when asked what is the balance of their superannuation – or how much their current house is valued at – they don’t know the numbers? There are sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars locked up in your current house or super fund that you have no idea you can even access.

There are ways to help you buy an investment property and start making money, however the first step is, you must set aside some time right now to be able to free up spare time and life style for the future.

Once you have done this most import step and “know your numbers” then you are ready to look at buying an investment property. This is where if you have all the time in the world you can hunt down the best investment deals. I do recommend that you do your research and have some education if you are just starting out. The other option is for you to have experts that can help you find the right property that meet your goals and needs, again saving your precious time.

Investment Property

Experts in Investment Property, Real Estate, Finance, Accounting, Financial Planning, Legal, Town Planners, Certifiers, Property Managers amongst others – are all key players in creating a successful portfolio. This is where Blue Wave Property Strategies (BWPS) can help. With the finance and sourcing of the right property and we can put you in touch with all the other experts who we work with to help you build a multi million dollar property portfolio.

By working with BWPS, we help save you time by presenting you with a personalised strategy so you can keep moving forward and building a property portfolio. We will show you well researched properties, sort out your finance to make it completely hassle free and keep you up to date with the full process from start to finish.

If having a rosey retirement sounds good to you then lets talk!! Call me now on 0434 449 455

Cheers Chris