Why I Love Dual Occupancy Properties

Dual occupancy properties add so much more to your investment portfolio – giving you positive cash flow, better security, greater potential for capital growth and options for you to live in one side and rent out the other – helping you to pay off your loan...

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Sunshine Coast Hot Spot

Why is the Sunshine Coast a Hot Spot right now? Have a look at what is going on in the Sunshine Coast………. Maroochydore is set to become the undisputed commercial centre of the Sunshine Coast with an extensive multi-billion-dollar redevelopment set to...

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Rental Expenses – What investors need to know!

What are the rules about rental expense claims? The Australian Tax Office offers attractive incentives to a property investor.  IF you are an investor, or considering purchasing an investment home, you need to be informed on what rental expenses you can claim at tax...

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Toowoomba – Strong Developing Regional City

  Toowoomba- Strong Developing Regional City: Toowoomba – known as” The Garden City,” is located south-east Queensland, about 125 km west of Brisbane. Toowoomba is known as a vibrant region with tremendous growth and development supporting demand....

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Property Hot Spots

  Hot Spots for property investors: What do investors look for when looking for Hot Spots? Cash in the pocket: Rent, for investors is a very important consideration. It is usually one of the most important factors when determining a Cash Property Hot Spot....

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Dual Occupancy Revolutionary investment

The dual occupancy  property is a revolutionary product that fundamentally boosts the yield and cash flow available from an investment property, changing a negative gearing outlook to one that is positively geared. From the street front it presents as a high quality-...

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What type of property to buy? Capital Growth or Cash flow?

What type of property to buy? It is one of the most debated topics in property investing – capital growth or cash flow?  The next few blogs I am going to take you through exactly what are capital growth properties and cash flow properties so you can make an informed...

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Property Market on the Rise Property Clock

A market on the rise sits at about 9 o’clock on the property clock.  Look at the property market just in your local area right now.  Is there flurry of sales activity, new constructions commencing or increased consumer confidence in the economy? These are all signs of...

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The Bottom of the Market

As I explained last week, a market on the downswing is heading towards the bottom.  The bottom of the market, or 6 o’clock on the property clock, is when prices are at their lowest, consumer confidence is virtually non-existent and the real estate market is at a...

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The Property Clock Australia: Downswing

Last week, I explained the property clock and the peak or 12 o’clock on the property clock.  Let’s look now at the downswing or declining market on the property clock.  Some property analysts also refer to this as 3 o’clock on the property clock. But what does this...

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