Property Hotspots

Everyone always wants to know where the next big property hotspot will be.  A property hotspot is generally an area that is under performing, usually within close proximity to more popular suburbs.  When these suburbs becomes too expensive, buyers usually move to...

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The basics of Property Investing – importance of a strategy

“Chris, how do I begin my investment property wealth journey?”  If I had a dollar for every time I was asked that question, well, you know how it goes…..! So I thought I would give you a starting point that will hopefully set you on your way to wealth creation through...

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How important are goals? You may ask yourself. What are your goals?  This is the first question I ask you. What are you trying to achieve by buying a property? More cash flow, build my asset base to fund my retirement, go on a holiday, pay for the children’s...

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G’day from Blue Wave Property

Welcome to the Blue Wave Property Strategies Blog. This is where I would like to share my ideas with you, regarding property, wealth, finance, the economy, life style and anything fun happening that I think you should know about. At Blue Wave Property Strategies we...

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