Housing Market Action Led by More Women

Women have become more active the housing market than men, with the most recent trends indicating the future of home buying will be increasingly female-driven. According to the latest data from Westpac’s home ownership report, 71% of women are considering either...

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Buying Property in Your Self Managed Super Fund

Many people are unaware that you can in fact use your superannuation (within a self managed super fund) to purchase an investment property. Now this can sound like a daunting way of investing but I can assure you – it’s not that hard. Here we have listed...

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Six Magical Places to Travel in 2018

Here at Blue Wave Property Strategies we aim to create you wealth through property investing – freeing up both time and cash to be able to do the things you love – like travel. Start planning your next trip, start planning your future – talk to us...

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Are You Happy With Your Current Investment Portfolio?

Do you have an investment property portfolio? Don’t know where to start? What makes a good property investment and what makes a bad property investment? When investing in property, shares or any other investment, you are investing to better yourself, create wealth and...

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Imagine replacing Street lights with Luminescent Plants

New research from Massachusetts Institute of Technology may, one day, lead to the replacement of public street lights with luminescent plants. Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have been experimenting with the idea that by making plants...

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Infrastructure on The Sunshine Coast Drops Unemployment

The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics’ latest trend labour force data for the Sunshine Coast shows the value of having a clear plan for the economy and the prosperity of the region, according to Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson. The December 2017 data shows the...

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The Banking Royal Commission……. WTF??

A three part blog series on Banking Royal Commission and basically WTF is going on with Aussie Banks! Part 1 Have we all been swallowed up into this big black hole called the Royal Commission? If you have been living in Australia for the last 6 months then you would...

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Iconic Queensland Pub the Normanby Hotel Up for Sale

One of Brisbane’s iconic pubs, The Normanby Hotel, has hit the market for the first time in nearly twenty years with price expectations north of $20 million. Located at the high profile Normanby Fiveways in inner-Brisbane’s Red Hill it has been co-owned by Michael...

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Gold Coast Airport’s Redevelopment Plan Takes Off

Gold Coast Airport has revealed plans for a $50 million Rydges-branded hotel as part of the airport’s Preliminary Draft Major Development Plan. The draft plan maps out the proposed construction of a four-star Rydges hotel in the precinct, featuring up to 200 rooms,...

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