Change The Way You Buy Investment Property!

Have you heard of people making money out of property, or building wealth through property? Ever wonder how they do it? Most people do the buy and hold method. This is where they decide on an area (usually close to home so they can drive past it now and again) find a...

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S.M.A.R.T Goals – What Are Yours??

New year – new goals. Life is geared towards setting and achieving goals and what better time to set them than the beginning of a fresh new year! Goals are part of every aspect of life: how you conduct your relationships, what you want to achieve at work, the...

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Brisbane’s Cruise Ship Terminal Gets Green Light

Brisbane will have a new cruise ship terminal at the mouth of the Brisbane River – capable of taking the largest cruise ships in the world by late 2019 after it was given the green light in November. The long-awaited project by the Port of Brisbane has been...

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Sydney A Challenger To The Big Seven Established World Cities

Sydney is hot on the heels of the “Big Seven” established world cities, according to a new report by JLL and The Business of Cities. The report, The Universe of City Indices 2017: Decoding City Performance includes analysis of 44 of the most robust city indices. These...

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7 Major Projects Add $12 Billion To Brisbane’s Economy

A wave of major development and infrastructure projects coupled with an improving economic outlook in Brisbane promises to create increasing employment, tourism and commercial real estate opportunities in Queensland’s capital. Since the global financial crisis,...

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Townhouses -Top Choice for Aussies

Townhouses have trumped apartments and houses to become the most popular residential development sites in Australia. Head of residential research at ‘Knight Frank’ Michelle Ciesielski said from a development perspective, this product offers developers less...

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