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property investingAt this time of the year a lot of investors go to sleep (The Sheep) and only think about Christmas,
the holiday they are about to have and what they are going to get up to at the annual Christmas party (which is usually a lot of fun). It is great to be thinking about the fun stuff and family at this time of year but it is also a great time to take note of what you have done in 2015. What did you achieve and what are you still trying to achieve.

Reflection! What did you learn? I’m not going to talk about your goals now wait for next month for that – but if your property portfolio is not where you expected it to be then now is the time act.

This is the time of the year when some of the best investment opportunities come up, as the competition is sleeping and thinking about the turkey lunch. If you are a serious about property investing then some of the deals that come along at this time of year are the best Christmas present you could ask for. What I’m talking about is developers offering discounts or a rebate back, less people at open homes and auctions. Property is a supply and demand commodity so if there are fewer buyers out there – than the opportunities are far greater and this is money to put back in your pocket or equity that is to be made.

Fox BusinessSo the Sheep are the pack mentality, where most investors stop and put everything on hold (in Australia it is about two weeks before Christmas and about two weeks after New Year’s) so this is about five weeks where everything shuts down. What I want you to learn is how to be the Fox, become the leader and round up the pack. Hunt when it is unexpected and buy properties with big discounts or better buying terms.


Foxes are intelligent and are not scared of going where others don’t – so I want you to look out for the opportunities and remember you are a professional investor where you are always looking for the next property deal – you are the fox!


Happy Christmas (property) Shopping!
Cheers from Chris