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We found this interesting article in ‘The Queensland Times’ on the substantial amount of money being dedicated to the latest program “Advance Queensland”. This  platform is set to attract and retain world class entrepreneurial and scientific talent, open the door to new industry/research collaborations and encourage a new wave of Queensland startups……

$180-MILLION State Government suite of reforms, nicknamed Advance Queensland, will aim to create jobs and make the state a world leader in innovation.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced the program on the eve of the budget release.

“Advance Queensland will help make our state a place where industry, universities and government work together to take great ideas, turn them into investment-ready proposals, attract that investment, and create jobs,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“But while we have many promising ideas, we need to ramp-up our capacity to turn those ideas into investment-ready business proposals.

“Advance Queensland will help us solve global challenges, seize opportunities in growing markets, fight for investment dollars, and create the jobs of the future.”

The Premier provided the following overview of the program.

  • A $50 million Advance Queensland Best and Brightest Fund, which will develop, attract and retain world-class talent – both scientific and entrepreneurial.
  • A $46 million Advance Queensland Future Jobs Strategy, which will open the door to new industry/research collaborations, tackle the big innovation challenges, focus on translation, and deliver 10 year roadmaps for industries with global growth potential.
  • A $76 million Business Investment Attraction package, which will encourage a new wave of Queensland startups, support proof-of-concept projects, and attract co-investment through the Business Development Fund.
  • And $8 million will be set aside to give us flexibility to respond as new opportunities arise, especially as we develop road maps with industry partners.

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