Travel…… my favorite thing to do!

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People often ask……. “why do you create wealth Chris?”

The answer is simple… I create wealth to provide a better life for my family and to travel.

Travel has always been a passion of mine – I enjoy new cultures, cuisine, people you meet, and the whole experience itself. Whether traveling on planes, trains, buses, boats or goats to get to your destination – things don’t always go to plan….. but that is all part of the adventure!

I have been to exotic places, the traditional places such as Europe and America and places where the standard of living is a lot less than what we have here in Australia. I feel it grounds me and I am always thankful for the freedom and the country I have grown up in when I return.

Travel opens my mind into other alternatives – how people do things or solve problems. How other cultures cook their food – whether it is at a street market in Cambodia or in a fine dining restaurant in Paris with food that looks more like art, I love it all.  It is the human contact and the warmth that meeting new people bring happiness, sadness, joy and all the emotions.

As many of you know I’m off to America for a business conference in Lake Tahoe, which is also going to include San Francisco and Las Vegas. I am looking forward to learning from mentors, some down time, fun and adventure.

Travel brings out the leadership and strength in a person and gets them to think for themselves and problem solve – LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN!

Build wealth for the experience in life – property becomes a passive vehicle that gives you that income and time.

Where is your next travel destination?