Winning a Gold Medal at the Olympics!

Winning a Gold Medal at the Olympics!

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Did you love watching the Olympics over the last few weeks? I did, I love watching the joy and emotions of the biggest sporting event in the world!

I would like to congratulate all the athletes that went to Rio to participate in the Olympics this year.  Whether they won a medal or not – just to qualify to go as an athlete makes them all amazing and talented.

gold medal girls

I love seeing elite athletes perform at their best, seeing them achieving their goals, creating world records, beating their personal bests and winning medals. We don’t see all the hard work and preparation that goes into wining and even just qualifying to be at the games. I can tell you that each and every athlete has a team of people helping them get to their dream of becoming an Olympian.

So what does it take to win a gold medal at the Olympics? Dedication, persistence, training, mental strength, coach-ability, drive, vision, goals, belief and of course a winning attitude! These are just some of the qualities of an Olympian. These qualities are not just for Olympians, you will find that most successful people in life also carry many of these qualities.

If you want to become a successfully property investor then you need some of these qualities such as persistence, goals and vision. I think there are a lot of similarities between training for Olympic Gold and winning a gold medal in property investing.


In successful property investing you also need your TEAM. A lot of people do not see the work that has gone into purchasing that property, or building that duplex, getting your finance sorted or the planning that went into that development. Winning a gold medal at property investing is all about having the right team……..  your finance broker, real estate agent, solicitor, finical planner, accountant, builder, building inspector, town planner, architect, local council and property strategist. No one from the outside may know they are there but they are essential to make your goals achievable.

Gold bunch

Winning a Gold medal in anything you do in life is about playing full on, giving it your all and not giving up after any set backs…… persistence, drive and the desire to win are essential… What Gold Medal are you going to win?

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The 4 Rules of Creating Wealth Through Property

The 4 Rules of Creating Wealth Through Property

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RULE #ONEAustralian money 4

Organising your money. The key to being successful and creating wealth through property investing is being in control of your finances. Once you have total control over your income, personal mortgage, debt and savings you can begin your journey into investment property. Separate your life from your investments, look at your investments as a business and put on your business hat when dealing with them.



Buy new – not old. Receiving tax deductions from depreciation is a big factor in this – but you also have the benefits of attracting a better quality tenant and increased cash flow. Over the years the constant maintenance and repairs on an older property drains the cashflow – holding back your ability to buy further investments.

RULE #THREEwealth Interest only

Interest only. Interest is tax deductible, principle is not. It is easier to manage your investments if you minimise payments during the ‘negatively geared’ period. As the property increases in value, the rent follows suit. This means that the property will become ‘positively geared’ and then the additional rent payments can begin to reduce the investment debt. It’s all about the timing and maximizing the tax deductions.

RULE #FOURnot-for-sale-real-estate-sign

Wait as long as you can – or just don’t sell. History says that your property will increase in value by up to 10% each year. By purchasing and holding onto your property you only pay stamp duty, bank and legal fees once and you pay no commissions, government costs or capital gains tax. You then can use the equity of that property to purchase an additional investment. If you sell with the intention of buying another investment you both maximise the costs and minimise the profits by wasting funds on the above mentioned expenses.

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