Travel – It’s Good For The Soul!

Travel – It’s Good For The Soul!

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A memory from Chris’s trip to The United States recently….

The morning air is crisp as we scramble to get on the 10 am boat to Alcatraz. We only just make it on board – running to be the last on. At the harbor there are the sounds of the cars passing, the F type trams gliding along the tracks, seagulls squawking and smells of coffee and fresh donuts – the American breakfast. (The coffee is still shit).

The people are warm and friendly and whenever us Aussie’s open our mouths they just love our accent so it allows us to get away with things we otherwise might not.

As we motor out to Alcatraz we chatter among ourselves catching our breath after running for the boat. We can see the Rock (Alcatraz) in the distance, it looks ominous and sits right in San Francisco bay. We also get to view San Francisco bay in all its glory, looking back onto the magical city, with the golden gate bridge in the distance that shimmers an orange/red glow. The water is calm today, but you can still see the strong currents running in the bay and there is barely a cloud in the sky – the San Francisco people say this is rare.

cruize bridge chris cell block cell

As we pull up to the Rock the first thing we all notice is the amount of birds – the seagulls are massive, they must have a good diet out here. We have our briefing which is done by a passionate ranger talking about the life on the Rock. We are given our headsets for the self-guided tour and guide ourselves around, looking at the old building until we reach the prison. It’s cold inside yet it’s a warm day out – so I would hate to feel it on a winter’s night with the wind blowing through. We view the small cells and the isolation cell which is pitch black – they locked us in for a minute….. I don’t know if I would have like it for much more. The cells did have a great view across to San Francisco and they said on a calm night when the wind blew – you could hear the music and people laughing – this was torture to the prisoners, being so close but they could not see it or be part of any of it.

The day trip to Alcatraz was fantastic, topped off with a stroll through Pier 39 and clam chowder served in a sour dough roll…. perfect!

I just love travel – it is one of my passions, it is one of the reasons why I build a property portfolio, it is one of the reasons I have a passive income.

If you want to travel and learn how to make passive income – give me a call.

Travel its good for the soul!