Howard Smith Wharves Development Application Finally Submitted

Howard Smith Wharves Development Application Finally Submitted

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A development application has been submitted after almost eight years of planning and consulting for the long awaited redevelopment of the Howard Smith Wharves.

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The plans include a new boutique hotel building, multiple refurbished heritage buildings as well as two new lifts to the top of the cliffs for park and Story Bridge access. A new observation deck is planned to be built with views of the Brisbane River and Story Bridge.

The Art Series Hotel Group is tipped to be the new boutique Hotel to be located under the Story Bridge in a highly articulated ‘earthy’ building. Fundamental to its design was that the building blends in with it’s surroundings – the cliff. This design component inspired a design that allowed the heritage building to be uncompromised and clearly distinguishable. The hotel building beautifully reflects the disjointed appearance of the cliff, whilst also encompassing & sandy earthy tones. Consisting of 164 suites, a garden oasis, pool & sun lounges, retail and food & beverage spaces at the ground level and spectacular views across the river, and of the bridge – a high standard of accommodation is planned for the Art Hotel, within the beautifully redeveloped Howard Smith Wharves precinct.

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Other Heritage Listed Buildings set to be part of the development include…..

Outdoor Dining Deck

This refurbished building will house a restaurant than can access a new outdoor dining deck under the shade of the large existing trees near the entry of the site.

Laneway and Outdoor Dining

Restaurants will be inserted into this heritage building. The existing waterfront deck will also be available for outdoor dining. A new Over Water Bar deck will extend into the river under the Story Bridge between two buildings and will potentially be below the existing deck level to improve the proximity to the water.

Overwater Bar

The Story Bridge is an impressive prospect from beneath and also a key visual axis through the wharves site. This combined with the vision for a thriving food and beverage offer in the old wharf buildings has provided the impetus for the creation of a new Overwater Bar.

Brewery Beer Garden

This refurbished historic wharf shed building houses a new brewery with adjacent outdoor dining and beer garden spaces. The cliff side of the building will have a gravel, artificial turf and paved beer garden surrounded by planting including hops plants that reference the beer making process. Several large tanks used in the brewery process will be located in a highly visible external location at the base of the cliff opposite the brewery entry and beer garden.

Brewery Tanks and Hops Garden

The brewery tanks and hops garden will reflect the materials of the working wharf and add value to the characteristics of place. The brewery tanks will be softened and complement by the use of hops plantings, giving the impression of a working landscape that is reclaiming the industrial character of the wharves.

Exhibition Building – The Waterfront Edge

The rear corners of this elegant new building are strongly grounded in the site through the incorporation of vertical planting. This building forms the focus of potential future river based entertainment where a barge may be moored in front of the building. As a result there are significant areas of terracing in front of and either side of the building that can accommodate large crowds. A ramp allows for DDA access from the building down to the waterfront path.

The existing timber deck will be extended along the front of the new Exhibition Building to provide a continuous path of travel. Between the Exhibition Building and Building E is a large waterfront amphitheatre allowing large groups of people to watch future entertainment on a river-based barge in front of the Exhibition Building. A portion of the amphitheatre will extend down into the water to allow access for launching kayaks.

Construction is anticipated to commence in the first quarter of 2016 and is expected to be complete by mid-2017 -information care of