‘AURA’ The City of Colour – A Sustainable Future

‘AURA’ The City of Colour – A Sustainable Future

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Our commitment to creating a sustainable future.

Stockland is committed to the protection and enhancement of Aura’s natural environment and has already started work to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. Aura’s master plan has been designed to honour the natural values of the site, and its proximity to Ramsar-listed wetlands including the Pumicestone Passage and Bells Creek.

nature pano

The site itself is comprised of degraded land previously used for forestry and grazing. As part of the project, more than 700 hectares, or nearly one-third of the site, will be rehabilitated and designated as a conservation area. This includes the creation of an Environmental Protection Zone and rehabilitation of waterway corridors. The Environmental Protection Zone will include an environmental education facility and sustainability awareness programmes will promote life-long learning among residents and local school children. New habitats for rare and endangered flora and fauna species will also be created, with fauna underpasses at every major creek crossing and along all major roads.


In designing Aura, the Stockland team has drawn inspiration from some of the world’s most liveable cities to enhance the unique liveability and lifestyle of the Sunshine Coast; to create a city that is truly world class.

SYDNEY A sense of village living inspired by Paddington Sydney, Australia

PORTLAND An urban park network inspired by Portland USA’s Pearl District

SINGAPORE An eco-sanctuary inspired by Singapore’s Cloud Forest Dome

BARCELONA A flourishing local marketplace inspired by Barcelona’s La Boqueria, Spain

BERLIN 24/7 dining, culture and entertainment inspired by Berlin, Germany

COPENHAGEN A dedicated network of bikeways inspired by Copenhagen, Denmark

SANTA MONICA Coastal lifestyle meets urban living inspired by Santa Monica, America

SUNSHINE COAST A world class city inspired by the unique history, natural environment, lifestyle and aspirations of the Sunshine Coast and its people

‘AURA’ The City of Colour – A Sustainable Future

‘AURA’ The City of Colour – Transport & Urban Structure

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Bus TrainThe form and structure of Aura supports frequent and accessible transport services to enable residents to access regional destinations in approximately 15 minutes through….

~ provision of a dedicated high frequency bus corridor connected to Bells Creek Arterial enabling high speed transport connections to Oceanside and Beerwah

~ establishment of a road network that provides connection to the Caloundra Business District

~ provision of an integrated Transit Centre in the City Centre and provision of the CAMCOS
corridor enabling future rail and bus connections to Maroochydore, Oceanside, Caloundra, Beerwah and Brisbane

~establishment of cycle paths connecting Aura to Caloundra Road and into the coastal pathway network.


carResidents will be able to access services and employment within 15 minutes of home through….

~ an interconnected cycle and pedestrian path network linking residential areas to local employment precincts, schools and centres

~ establishment of dedicated, road separated walking and cycling network connecting District and Neighbourhood Centres, Business and Enterprise Parks and the City Centre

~ a primary road network based on a 800 metre grid supporting a frequent and accessible local public transport system

~ a permeable road network that disperses traffic efficiently, providing choice and mitigating congestion.

BikeAura is designed as a network of destinations whereby local trips are undertaken by walking or cycling through the provision of…

~ sub-tropical landscape and urban form that provides shade and a comfortable and equitable environment

~ appropriate densities and compact walk able urban structure in the immediate proximity of hubs that support active living and public transport

~ Crime Prevention Through Environment Design (CPTED) elements to encourage a safe and activated transit network.

‘AURA’ The City of Colour – A Sustainable Future

‘AURA’ The City of Colour – Residential & Environmental

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HousingTwo residential villages are to be developed within Aura – to the north of the City Centre Core and Frame zones. The residential villages north of the City centre zone will provide a range of low and medium density residential dwellings. Higher density residential development in the form of semi-detached & attached low rise dwellings and some multi-unit dwellings are set to maximise the northern section of the People’s Place. The western residential neighbourhood will focus on providing a range of low-density residential dwellings with higher density residential development focused toward Bells Creek North to capitalise on the adjoining natural amenity.


The City Centre Frame West zone is to be predominately developed for low rise detached, semi-attached and attached homes. A private primary and secondary school is proposed to be developed within 400m of the Transit Centre and will be designed to be urban in form to maximise its location in proximity of the Transit Centre and City Centre Core.


A vegetated corridor of up to 400 metres wide will be rehabilitated and established along Bells Creek North and Bells Creek South to provide a buffer to urban development, expand riparian vegetation and provide for ecological connections throughout Aura City. The creek corridors will also accommodate fauna refuges, stormwater management devices, pedestrian and cycling paths and passive open space for community use on their
outer edges. In addition to the rehabilitated creek corridors to the north and south of the City Centre, Aura Centre will be the home of, the City Square, Central Park and the People’s Place, which will be developed with the highest level of embellishments to support major sporting and cultural events and act as regional lifestyle, entertainment and cultural hubs, providing opportunities for integration of a range of community, leisure and entertainment uses.


Located at the northern end of the City Centre Core, the People’s Place will be an exciting new urban parkland destination for the Sunshine Coast, offering a wide range of attractions, leisure facilities and event spaces that will be a draw card for residents and visitors of all ages. Spread over 11 hectares, this distinctive green space will be the perfect place for relaxing community gatherings and social get-togethers as well as a signature tourist destination and festival space. Key elements include water features, aquatic centre, playgrounds, picnic areas and public art that will blend seamlessly with major community facilities and large spaces for festivals, markets and other events, with plenty of quiet nooks to explore.


The People’s Place will also be a relaxing destination for friends to catch up for a drink or meal, with a range of restaurants and bars to complement the urban green space. An extensive network of pathways will criss-cross the People’s Place and will seamlessly connect it with Aura City Centre Core and Frame areas, with adjacent residential zones and transport nodes to ensure easy access for residents and visitors. The People’s Place will be framed on all sides by the highest quality civic, retail and residential development, including Stockland’s largest shopping centre, proposed performing arts centre, private university and high-density residential development.


‘AURA’ The City of Colour – A Sustainable Future

‘AURA’ The City of Colour – City Life

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We have already introduced you to Aura, the master-planned community set to be developed on the Sunshine Coast in one of our previous blogs. Stocklands has now released a whole lot more on this exciting project and we want to keep you informed! Lets talk City Centre…..


A 24/7 City
Energetic, dynamic and vibrant – Aura will be a place for everyone with a mesmerizing mix of special places, activities and opportunities that will be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The 200 hectare City Centre will accommodate more than 5,000 dwellings, 100,000m2 of retail and 50,000m2 of commercial floor space and will be the thriving epicentre of the community, a place where all activities, pursuits and uses come together. Whether it be going to the office, shopping your heart out, fine dining, going to the gym, staying overnight in a funky hotel or coming home, the City Centre will be where it all happens.


Situated at the mid-point of Main Street and northeast facing to maximise cooling summer breezes and optimise solar access, the City Square will be the best public square on the Sunshine Coast. The City Square will be a generous plaza space of 4,000m2, providing sufficient space for a range of activities to take place at the same time. Supported activities include performances and displays, markets and community activities, outdoor dining or just sitting and relaxing. The bustling, 24/7 vibe of the City Square will be enhanced by surrounding high quality retail spaces, adjacent civic uses and hotel and office uses above.


The City Core will be developed as the retail and commercial hub of Aura. The top of the Aura centre hierarchy, the City Core will accommodate a major regional shopping centre and provide the highest order retail and commercial uses, as well as residential and community uses. Development is to provide for a wide range of employment and business opportunities. The northern end of the City Core is anchored by the People’s Place, which provides a mixture of leisure, recreational, cultural and commercial opportunities. The People’s Place will be complemented by higher density residential uses, with ground level commercial and retail uses developed along its southern edge to ensure an active street is developed. Land for local and regional cultural, community and civic uses are encouraged to be located within the City Core to reinforce its role as a major community node.

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Active streets are to be developed to create interest and pedestrian movement within the City Core. An east-west street along the southern edge of the People’s Place will provide a range of outdoor dining, commercial, community and shop front retail uses at ground and upper levels. A north-south street, Main Street will connect from a plaza at the People’s Place to the Transit Centre and Central Park to the south. Development is to be designed to ensure that buildings address these streets and are to be a minimum of 3 storeys at key nodes to reinforce the urban nature of the City Centre. Active street edges are to contain shop fronts to activate streets and secondary active edges, which require buildings to address the street. A mix of higher density residential, retail and commercial, community and civic uses are to be provided adjoining and immediately north of the Transit Centre at the southern end of the Core.


The City Centre Frame East zone is to be predominately developed for a range of commercial, large format retail and community uses. A commercial and office precinct is intended to be established adjoining the People’s Place and is to be developed with a high quality built form that addresses the Bells Creek Arterial and responds appropriately to its gateway location. There is potential for a private university and tertiary learning facilities to be accommodated in this zone and integrated with the People’s Place. A health precinct is also to be developed within this zone, adjoining the Transit Centre in conjunction with medium and higher density residential uses to take advantage of its location adjoining Central Park and public transport.

Stay tuned for the next update ‘Environment & Open Spaces’



‘AURA’ The City of Colour – A Sustainable Future

$5 billion development “Aura” – Sunshine Coast’s Newest Suburb

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Queenslands deputy Premier Jackie Trad has today launched a $5 billion development in Caloundra South creating a new Sunshine Coast suburb the size of Gladstone that will be called ‘Aura’ – The city of colour.

Aura2   Master plan   Aura   caloundra south

The development will see 20,000 homes built housing 50,000 plus people. Jackie Trad said the project would create more than 1,700 jobs in the first year of construction and 20,000 over the next three decades.

The new community will be established on a 2,310ha former forestry site and become the southern gateway of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Aura4The Master Plan approval will enable the creation of a new town centre – providing a retail and recreational destination. Local service needs will be met through the creation of three district centres and six neighbourhood scale centres. It also identifies the location for potential retirement living villages, and new road connections providing improved access for residents of the Sunshine Coast to the Bruce Highway through the extension of the Kawana Arterial Road.

Stockland general manager Kingsley Andrew said the development would include a 200 hectare town centre, 200 kilometres of cycleways and an abundance of connected open space, featuring two regional scale parkland destinations: Central Park and the People’s Place. Nine sports parks will encourage the development of an active and healthy community. Twenty educational facilities are also planned within the community, ensuring learning and the nurturing of talent. Local enterprise is planned to maximise opportunity for residents to work and start businesses within their community.

Green-STAR-LogoThe development has also been awarded a 6 Green Star Rating. The highly coveted 6 Green Star – Communities rating signifies world leadership in the design of the master plan, which sets the highest possible standards for the community’s long-term economic prosperity, liveability and environmental responsibility during, and well after the development is completed.

Caloundra South is the largest mixed use development ever undertaken under single ownership in Australia and the largest project ever undertaken by Stockland. The new city will be developed by Stockland over the next three decades and will grow to a similar size and scale to that of Maroochydore, Hervey Bay or Gladstone, and ultimately be home to around 50,000 people. The Master Plan also contains a 440 hectare conservation precinct which will become one of the largest urban wetland rehabilitation projects ever undertaken in Australia.