Bye Bianca – Thank You!!

Bye Bianca – Thank You!!

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It is with great sadness that we are losing Bee – Bianca Silcock, the greatest office manager / marketing and personal assistant (so we really know who does all the work) to Blue Wave & myself. She has also been a good friend and someone to share our thoughts, goals and aspirations with. She has been an outstanding employee and will be sadly missed by clients, referrers, property groups and most importantly Me.

Bianca Silcock

I want to thank Bianca for being a loyal and trusted employee who has stuck through thick and thin, when the times get tough and the good times. She has been working for Blue Wave Property Strategies for nearly 4 years and that’s a long time to put up with me. I call her my work wife. We see each other more than we see our partners. So if I’m a little lost at the start of the year there has been a big change.

Bianca has been through 3 office moves, 3 vision board and goal setting sessions, 1000’s of coffee work meetings, 3 Christmas lunches, many client lunches & meetings, lots of property inspections, thousands of photos, about 100 newsletters, about 150 hot property emails, hundreds of blog posts, hundreds of Facebook posts, so as you can see she has been a very busy person.

Bianca is going to help out her partner who has started a business in civil engineering and will also work a day on reception for her Dad at Sandcastles Resort in Mooloolaba so she is still going to be local so I can catch up with her for a coffee and a download.

We are still the best of mates and I will have a heavy heart when I finally say farewell.

I wish Bianca well for the future and look forward to seeing your career blossom and hope to still have a strong friendship for a lifetime.

Thank you