HUGE news for the Sunshine Coast

HUGE news for the Sunshine Coast

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Sunshine Coast

We have been banging on about The Sunshine Coast for years as being Australia’s best property market for investors.  And it has performed very strongly for our clients that have built here.  But there is still plenty of growth to come, and last week a project was announced that will be the biggest game-changer for the region.

It is not The Sunshine Coast University Hospital that is the largest health care precinct in The Southern Hemisphere that opened last year.  It is not The Sunshine Coast airport expansion into an International Airport.  It is not Australia’s only greenfield state-of-the-art CBD under construction in Maroochydore.  It is not the Bruce Highway expansion to 6 lanes from Brisbane. It is not the rail duplication or the light rail running from Maroochydore to Beerwah, no it’s something that wasn’t even on our radar!

While these are all massive projects creating tens of thousands of new jobs, the game-changer announced last week is the agreement signed to install a new submarine broadband cable from Asia to directly to The Sunshine Coast. Within two years, the Coast will be connected to an international submarine broadband cable, providing direct connectivity to the world.

Sunshine Coast

A contract to bring the 550km undersea fibre optic cable to the Sunshine Coast has just been signed between RTI Connectivity Pty Ltd, partners in a consortium building the Japan-Guam-Australia cable, and Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

This is a significant achievement and we strongly believe the undersea cable will result in the greatest advancement for the Sunshine Coast economy that we’ve ever seen. The demand for data and connectivity is increasing, and now, the Sunshine Coast will be home to the fastest, international broadband connection point to Asia.

This makes the region very attractive as an investment location, especially for the banking and finance sectors, big tech companies like Amazon and other industries reliant on online transactions and there are huge benefits for remote medical diagnostics. In short, access to super-fast, international connectivity, will attract some of the world’s biggest data users to our region.

The $35 million undersea cable connection is being jointly funded by SC Council and the Queensland Government.  Estimations for new investment in the Sunshine Coast economy as a result of the undersea cable are for an additional $927 million.

Currently, Australia is connected to the world by five submarine cables (four are located in Sydney and one is in Perth). These cables carry 99% of Australia’s total internet traffic. The Sunshine Coast will become cable number six, with a landing station at Maroochydore. This is because it’s geographically closer to Asia. From Maroochydore to Guam, the cable connects to a Trans-Pacific cable connecting South-East Asia and the United States.

Sunshine Coast

In effect, the Sunshine Coast route will deliver traffic faster than the Sydney route. So how fast is fast?

Australia’s current average internet speed is ranked 50th in the world (at 11.1 megabits / second). We lag well behind the USA (25.86 megabits / second) and this is woeful compared to the 60.39 megabits / second achieved in Singapore.  Undersea cables can transmit 20 terabits per second, which is around 1.8 million times faster than our current internet speeds. Businesses need the fastest communications path between two locations and the ability to store data.  The new cable from the Sunshine Coast will enable this to happen.  So the entire Sunshine Coast will benefit, but the real winner will be the new Maroochydore CBD, SunCentral.

We have so many fantastic investment opportunities here on the Sunshine Coast, duplexes, dual occupancies as well and house and land and self managed super fund properties. This is the time to get into the market, the Sunshine Coast is set to explode over the coming years. Get in now, contact us here at Blue Wave Properties and let us help you ride the wave to wealth!

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What Going to America Has Taught Me

What Going to America Has Taught Me

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As you probably all know (or anyone that follows me on Facebook or Instagram) I have been in America for the last two and half weeks. I took the kids to show them America and experience travel and what they can learn from it.


While I was there I attended Loral Langemeier’s Ultimate Millionaire Summit (UMS) so I got to mix it with some of the brightest minds and get my learnings on. It was a 3 day event held in San Diego – a great city and if you have the opportunity to go – you must. There was also a kids UMS being held at the same time, so it was a great opportunity to pass on the education of the future entrepreneurs of the world. My children Luka 15 and Carlo 10, went over with a plan and to sell some goodies to their USA counterparts. They did and they were the most successful kids in the program, making a gross total of $640USD and net $380USD, after they paid back the wholesaler (Dad, Me). They had to set market prices and see which items sold, they had Tim Tams and Boomerangs and a few other odds and ends. They also had to do currency conversions as the items brought in Australia using AUD and sold in USD and what they need to pay back the wholesaler in USD. They also learned how to enter conversations, shake people’s hands, ask for the business, have fun and make some new friends.

I also met some great new friends and some potential business partners in the states, there were property deals, stock market trading, franchises to invest in oil & gas, speed reading & memory courses, new technologies apps, breakout sessions, travel companies and loads, loads more.

You know the biggest part was actually turning up and going to the events. If you are in business and not make a habit of traveling overseas for a seminars, events or training I highly recommend the experience. You never know where introductions will lead and the great people you will meet. Just Do It! It is about taking action very much like investing in property – there are always deals but you need to step up to the plate and take some action and do it.


So What has America taught me? That Americans are still the best salespeople, that to build wealth you need diversification, education and continued learnings are part of both business and life in general, to take action and the world is your market – not just Australia

And what resonated with me the most …… Real entrepreneurs don’t have a job or work – they have a lifestyle!

Happy Travels and would love to know where you have last travelled and what events you have been going too. Please leave a comment so I can see what you have been up to!

Cheers Chris

Communication…. Here’s What I’ve Learnt

Communication…. Here’s What I’ve Learnt

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Following on from my last blog about getting your finance sorted I thought I would share more of my personal experiences in purchasing a property.


Communication……. this is a huge part of any successful partnership, deal, business, marriage or just general everyday life. When communication breaks down, worlds can fall apart. This has been my number one frustration in looking to buy a property so far…. not enough communication.
I have learnt that as the client, I want to be kept updated on as much information as possible, and if there is no information to pass on, I want to know that too.

This has taught me a huge lesson in how I communicate with our clients. I often don’t make contact with a client if there is nothing to currently report, but if they are in the middle of a build and waiting for a stage to be finished and are not hearing anything from me this may be really frustrating for them and even think we have forgotten them or are too busy with other clients to follow up. Fact of the matter is behind the scenes I have contacted the developer for an update, they have then gone on to chase up the supervisor for an update – who it turns out has gone away for a couple of days and won’t have anything to report until next week. I don’t want to bother the client by calling or emailing to say that I have nothing to report until next week, but what I don’t see is the client checking their email and phone ten times a day willing for me to make contact and give them an update. Communication… for some it seems over the top, for others it’s essential for peace of mind.


I think it is important to find out your clients expected level of communication. Some like constant updates on any detail (like me) and some like to only hear from you when there is substantial information to pass on. Some like to be called and some are happy with a simple text or email.

So from now on I have decided that part of our new client initiation is finding out their communication expectations as well as their preferred method of communication. This will create a better relationship and make sure that our client’s needs are being met. I think this should be part of everyone’s client initiation process for a smoother more successful relationship.