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Getting your finance in order is probably the biggest thing that will drive your investment property portfolio forward.

You need to know your numbers, what your income levels are. You need to know exactly what deposit or equity you have available to use as funds to put towards your investment.

You will need to consider things like – what might the proposed rental income for the investment property look like? What are your existing commitments? Eg credit card limits, car loans, other existing loans or owner-occupied mortgages. This then gives you the maximum amount of what you can borrow up to. This doesn’t mean that you will take it right to the limits – it just gives you the parameters that you can work with.


You need a good broker, why I say broker and not a bank as that you want to spread your risk across more than one bank and the bank you have been with for the last 10 years might not be the right bank for you to use for investing.
Each bank has different pros and cons so it important to find out those. Believe me it is not all about the interest rate you get, it’s important that you need to look at the whole offering.

Getting your finance in order is crucial before you even start considering the property you will buy. Getting your finance in order will give you an idea of what you can afford to buy. No point getting your heart set on a property only to discover that you can’t actually afford it.

At Blue Wave Property Strategies we love to talk everything finance. If you need a review of your finances, your home loan or investment loan the we are your man (so to speak) Give us a call at the office on 07 5443 8773 for an informal chat on how we can improve your finances!