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I need to say this plainly – getting your Finance right is just as important, if not more, than selecting the right Property.

Yes! That’s right.

Especially now that the Banks have really tightened up on investment lending. If you are just starting down the Property Investment path, I cannot emphasise this point enough.

So What’s the Mistake?

Only 20 per cent of Property Investors secure more than one Property, with the majority of Property Investors selling up within 5 years.  Why?  Because they lacked understanding the importance of Financially structuring their portfolio. They didn’t have access to a Mortgage Broker who understand how to enhance their Financial Structure to benefit their future plan.

Getting the right Finance should be the first step in your Property Investment journey.  The number of Properties you can purchase is determined by the amount of Finance you can obtain.  So, if you don’t structure your Investment Loans correctly from the start, you may restrict your ability to borrow in the future. Hence, completely unwillingly stopping you from increasing your Portfolio down the track.


Remember, as a Property Investor, you are in the business of creating wealth and that means creating the right Financial Structure to build and maintain it. If you’re not starting at the foundation by getting your Finances in order before beginning the journey to a full and prosperous Property Portfolio – then you are more than likely setting yourself up for a fail or an expensive lesson down the track!

Have you checked your portfolio’s Financial Health lately? Our Finance Specialist is happy to glance over your portfolio and advise where there can be money saved and returns maximised.

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