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Have you heard what is going on in Queensland and the South East….. Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast? We are having a transport infrastructure boom!

transport infrastucture  motorway  transport infrastucture

There is the new second runway at Brisbane Airport being built which will bring millions of new passengers and $Billions into the economy – as well as the brand new airport at Toowoomba that has just been built to accommodate large international aircraft plus the planned expansion of the little Sunshine Coast Airport! The Gateway Motorway extension and widening to cope with the ever growing traffic trying to get either North or South of the Brisbane River along with the Bruce Highway upgrades to the Sunshine Coast as well as the expansion of many of the roads and interchanges in the Sunshine Coast region. The Gold Coast Light Rail project and its expansion meeting up with the heavy rail train and airports and the new Moreton Bay Rail Link that is due to open at the end of 2016. As I mentioned…. there is a BOOM happening!!

So what does this mean for you the property investor?

When ever we see the building of new airports or runways, train lines, roads, bridges or tunnels – that is a clear sign there is forecast for massive growth of that region.

This creates;

  • more jobs
  • more trade
  • faster transport corridors
  • more development
  • and many more benefits to the economy

Transport Infrastructure   Transport Infrastructure   Transport Infrastructure   Transport Infrastructure

All this means great returns for your investment property and a good solid portfolio that is going to continue producing for the long term. Do your research or talk to professionals and most of all take action and don’t over micromanage the investment process – look at all the big macro and purchase, as these people are the one that make the largest returns.

For more information on planned transport infrastructure in your area contact us on info@bluewaveproperty.com.au