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Well that’s a statement!! Some of you might think buying an investment property is nothing like going traveling and seeing the world…… so let me explain.

When we travel, whether it is overseas or in your own country, first of all we must have a goal or a destination of where we want to go. Similarly like buying an investment property we must have a goal on what property we are going to look to purchase.

Investment Investment

When you have decided on the destination you search for the best flights to get you there. Some of us use the help of an agent and others do it themselves by booking online etc. Again this is just like looking for the right property to buy – are you going to do all your own research or are you going to talk to an investment strategist like Blue Wave? Maybe you would engage a local agent, or get some advice from a mate you just meet at a BBQ?? Every one’s choice is different.

So now the big day arrives you have your airfares worked out and the hotel is booked for your first stop. You arrive at the airport on time, you go through security checks and you are excited about going on your holiday! Again this is a bit like getting your documents in order for your finance, you have found the property and now lodging your application for finance and are very excited about the purchase.


You are on route to your destination, however you have a connecting flight to make the final journey’s end. The flight is delayed which is annoying – but have you given up on your final destination? No of course not. But wait – they have now canceled the flight, you take a big breath, what to do? You have some choices, do you give up and return home without going on any holiday and say it was all a waste of time, or you take the grit and find out when the next flight is and talk to the airline company to see if they can reschedule you on another flight. So you have been delayed for 12 hours, maybe you see the opportunity and go out site seeing for the day in a city that you were unexpected to stay in so you get a whole new adventure, or it’s overnight in a 4 star hotel, where you can have a nice warm shower and a comfy bed. Again this is like buying a property. There are things that are going to pop up, you may need to change the lender you were originally going to go with, or the council is taking longer to approve the plans and delaying the start of the build, maybe the builder is not building as fast as you expected… there are many scenarios – as with travel. Do we take our eyes off the prize at the end, no we grit our teeth and push through.


So you eventually board your connecting flight and feel the engines roar as you take off for the final destination. You touch down and you have arrived! You can feel the sand between your toes, enjoy that first cocktail, savor that first hug from a friend or family member, it brings a smile to your face. It feels so good, this is why I travel.

Like arriving at your travel destination – you’re at the end of the property purchase. You have settled on the property or you have completed the build. It feels good, you can touch and see it, it’s yours! It’s now an investment for you to rent out and start receiving some income back for all the time spent in preparation to the goal. You are going to now receive a passive income and over time this is going to increase, therefore allowing you to travel and feel more experiences or to invest in more property so you can start living the life you dreamed.

Remember there are people to help you on your journey whether that is the travel agent, the airline, the property strategist, the finance broker, the real estate agent or the town planner – they are all there to help you reach that goal.

Let us help you reach that goal and Ride the Wave to Wealth with Blue Wave Property Strategies!