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Now that you have created your own vision board and have your dreams and goals in your sights –  it’s time to get the kids involved!

As with adults it is so important for kids to have dreams and goals – and for them to be able to see them on a regular basis.

kids vision boards

As I mentioned in the last blog on vision boards  “our minds respond highly to visual stimulation and by displaying your goals via images you will reinforce and arouse your emotions thus creating the energy that activates the law of attraction. When you are confronted with your goals and dreams on a regular basis you essentially do visualization exercises every time you glance at your vision board”

Subconsciously your children will be visualising and striving to meet their goals and dreams just by glancing at them every day.

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Some good topics to get your kids thinking about their goals are….

  • what is your dream job
  • what sort of house would you like to live in
  • how are you going to keep fit and healthy
  • what food do you want to eat or learn how to cook
  • what do you like to do for fun
  • what charity would you like to donate to
  • what pet would you like
  • where would you like to go for a holiday
  • what gadget would you like to have
  • what sports team would you like to be in
  • what would you like to do for someone else
  • how are you going to help the family

Getting your kids to express their dreams will inspire them to start thinking about their future. It will also help you get an understanding of where they want to be in life and what they hope to achieve. This will give you the tools to be able to help and guide them in the right direction.

kids Vision-Board

Here are 5 Tips to creating vision boards with your kids…..

1. Get a variety of magazines, including plenty of kid friendly options.

2. Talk to your kids ahead of time about the things they might be looking for so they aren’t going in blindly. For example, over the week leading up to the making of the vision boards talk to your kids about things they want to accomplish and places they want to go, individually and as a family – so that when they see images that represented those things they cut them out.

3. Explain how the night will work, set expectations and set time limits. Give them a pre-determined amount of time to look through the magazines and to cut everything out. Then some time to make the board and then have a show and tell at the end so they can present their board and talking about why they chose each image.

4. Put the technology away! Vision boards take concentration, plus – this is an awesome time to just be together without worldly distractions. Try to put all gadgets away like iPhones, iPads, and game players. The only electronic thing you should allow is a device to play your favorite music.

5. Know how and where you will be posting them once they are finished. Don’t go for large solid boards that take up so much space that you don’t have any where to put them. Go for smaller, thinner poster board that they will be able to blue tack up on the wall next to their beds.

Here are Chris’s boys vision boards….

IMG_1609     IMG_1610

Creating a vision board can be a fun family activity for everyone to join in. Get creative, use different materials and colours – have fun!