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Yesssss that is right we have done it again!

Chris and I are passionate about helping others to achieve financial success and to help save our clients money wherever we can. And this week we have managed to save a couple over $15k in interest per annum.

How? As your broker we are regularly monitoring our existing clients rates and products in the background. Recently we contacted a couple to offer a free Finance Health Check as we could see their rates appeared to be quite high.

After reviewing their scenario, we managed to negotiate some very attractive rates with their current lender on an existing loan and refinanced another loan at the same time. This enabled us to drop their interest rates by a staggering 1.15%, in turn saving over $7k each per annum per loan! They are also being given a $2000 refinance cash rebate from the lender at the same time! Wow!!

The clients were not aware that they could ever achieve these rates and would have continued on wasting their hard earned cash on interest to the bank.
Lesson to be learnt, banks do not usually call you to offer you a discount or save you money !!!
Call us now if you haven’t reviewed your rates for a while, you never know just how much you could save in doing so!

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