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It’s that time of year where we all start to re evaluate our lives, goals and dreams. The time of year when we start to set our goals and what better way to do that than create (or update) your vision board. Start to achieve your dreams through visualisation.

Whether you believe it or not visualisation works. Athletes have been doing this for years to improve physical performance. Studies have shown that the brain patterns activated when a weight lifter actually lifts weights are similarly activated when the weight lifter just visualised lifting the weights.

Millions of every day people visualise their goals on a vision board.

A vision board is an instrument used to help us clarify and focus on our life goals – whether it’s personal, business or both. You literally display your goals by finding images or text in magazines or any print media, cut them out and display them on a decorative board where you will see it frequently throughout the day.

Dan’s Vision Board                                                     Kate’s Vision Board

his vision-board-4      Her Vision-Board

An example of 2 very different vision boards…


The idea behind a vision board is that when you are constantly reminded of your goals and what you want to achieve that your life will change to align with those desires. A vision board is the most effective visualisation tools and mind exercises available to you. It serves as your image of your future, a clear representation of where your life is headed. Everyone’s board will be different.

Our minds respond highly to visual stimulation and by displaying your goals via images you will reinforce and arouse your emotions thus creating the energy that activates the law of attraction. When you are confronted with your goals and dreams on a regular basis you essentially do visualization exercises every time you glance at your vision board.

So you have your goals and dreams defined? Then it’s time to create a vision board.

Some people like to sit in a quiet space with soft music and let themselves be open and relaxed, others like to create their visions with friends or family and crank their favourite inspirational tunes. Whatever works for you! Same with how you present your board it’s completely up to you!

Word vision         picutes only vision board         Dans visionboard         Pin vision board

Words only                                        Pictures only                             Words & Pictures                     Ribbons & Pins

Find pictures and or words that symbolise experiences, achievements and possessions that you want in your life, get them from magazines, internet images or photos – and it doesn’t have to be only images – you may want to add a feather, a ticket stub or an invitation – anything that speaks to you in a positive way. You may also want to include a picture of yourself, a picture where you look happy and energised.

You can create a vision board to represent goals and dreams in all aspects of your life or you may choose to focus on one specific area. You may want to create more than one board as you want to  avoid creating a messy or chaotic board as dissorder will be distracting and harder to focus on. Maybe one for your personal goals and another for your career goals?

Once your vision board is complete (leave space to add to your goals if you like) hang it in a place where you will see it often. Take a picture of it and have it as a screen saver on your computer and phone to make sure you see it as often as possible. When you look at your board you might like to read any quotes aloud and feel inspired, see yourself living in that house and feel yourself in that future you have custom designed – believe it’s already yours!

Don’t forget to be grateful for the good things already present in your life and acknowledge any positive changes and goals that you achieve.

Here is Bee’s vision board for 2017….

And well Chris’s…. his is still a work in progress…….

Need some inspiration? Check out these images.. Vision Boards

Here’s to smashing your goals in 2017!!