The Advanced Property Investment Blueprint

The Advanced Property Investment Blueprint

Alex Heads Surf Club - 13th of November at 6pm  


Would you like to know how to make $100,000 on an easy property deal? Are you looking to grow your current property portfolio? or Would you like to build lifelong wealth through property investment? 

I’ll be holding my second Advance Property Investment night at the Alexandra Headland Surf Club on the 13th of November at 6pm - where I will be outlining a very easy, yet thorough strategy to create real wealth through property investment 

What You Will Learn In This Event

✔ How to make money from your first property deal 

 ✔ What makes an advanced strategy property deal

✔ How to find out about the hot spots

✔ Strategic property investment for scaleable growth

✔ How to use structure to help you grow your property portfolio 

✔ What makes a positive cash flow deal

✔ How to pay off your owner occupied home loan in 5 years

✔ How getting your finance strategy right at the start can save you thousands

✔ Town Planners - why they are your new best friend

✔ The right property design can make you thousands

✔ What type of property is going to fast track my investing? Duplex, Dual Occupancy, Splitter block, Renovation, small lot subdivision, Townhouse development? Buying in Blue Chip areas.

You will be armed with an arsenal of information to be able to begin or upscale your investment journey. I will be available to book in a complimentary one on one strategy session at the conclusion of the event (usually valued at $499). Light refreshments will be served following the event

"For us it’s about inspiring you to achieve your wildest dreams, educating you on the right property investments for your portfolio and empowering you to commence or continue your wealth journey"

Hi I'm Chris Pullen! And I'm passionate about property, and I've accumulated over 14 years of experience in the property and finance industry  

After building my own successful property portfolio, I decided to start Blue Wave Property Strategies to educate, inspire and empower others to ride the wave to wealth through property with me

I'm not just an advisor, but also partner in helping people like you wade through the myriad of property investment choices, ensuring them (and hopefully you) that they have the right financial structures in place and helping you to learn the ins and outs of property investing.

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