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What's Covered in my Consult? 

Your Assets

We will discuss and list your assets, this may be property, shares, superannuation, cash savings, cars or generally anything that you own that is worth money. This will then be offset against your liabilities to get your net worth and your borrowing potential.

Your Liabilities

As above we discuss and list your liabilities. In short - your liabilities are your debts; this may be mortages, personal loans, credit cards or hex debts. This will then be offset against your assests to get your net worth and your borrowing capabilities.

Finance Strategy

Once we have an idea of your borrowing potential by comparing the above assets & liabilities, your income and other relative factors we can then put a plan into place. Depending on your financial situation, the desired loan amount and the purpose for the loan we can put a strategy into place to get you where you want to be.

Application & Pre-approval

There is a fair amount of information needed to complete the application process. We will discuss this and go through the application process together to get you pre-approval of your finance before you comit to any purchases.


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