Stunning Duplex In Ecco Ripley Estate

Ripley Queensland

This Ecco Ripley duplex property is great as a full cashflow option with over a 6% rental return with both sides rented. Or you can move into one side yourself and rent out or sell the other half to still gain some cashflow, these duplexes have many different options and one is bound to suit your investing / lifestyle needs.

Ecco Ripley

A life at ECCO Ripley is one that brings together the best of modern living with the refreshing qualities of nature. Residents will be spoilt with an abundance of open spaces, community parks, nature strips and green ribbons that encourage healthy lifestyles with the latest in smart technology connected to each home. It will be the true urban heart of Ripley.

Ecco Ripley Park

Pre-planned community gardens provide a place where people can come together to grow, gather and tend the natural sources of food. Fostering community and outdoor activity.
An important part of the Ecco Ripley water management system, that helps preserve ecosystems down stream, whilst forming attractive landscapes as well as habitats for local fauna and flora.
Fronting Bundamba Creek, Ripley Town Park will be the main recreation area for the community connecting to the future Ecco Ripley Central.
Built into the natural landscape, the planned amphitheatre will be ideal for viewing events and performances. The space is planned to cater for almost 1,500 people.
Ripley Main Street is planned to feature retail, commercial, residential, community and civic activities. Slow moving traffic will create an active and pleasant street environment.
This large open area will be ideal for hosting a range of events catering for up to 6,000 people.
Located at the end of Ripley Main Street, The Billabong is planned to be a recreational waterplay destination for the community and the wider region.
Framed by landmark peaks and hills, the iconic Bundamba Creek merges with an array of green parks, nature strips and wide-open spaces surrounding Ecco Ripley.
A community based facility at the end of Main Street, the planned Open-Air Tent will be an indoor/outdoor community hub. The tents architecture will respond to the natural environment in which it’s located.
Providing easy access to both commuters and residents, the proposed Transit Centre will serve as a hub to local and regional bus lines, cycle networks, and once delivered, passenger rail to the area.
Once the homestead of Gregory Thomas Brooking and his family, Brooking Rise will feature over 4ha of parklands, offering the first precinct of residential land lots with barbecue spots and children’s playground
This Ecco Ripley duplex property is beautifully designed with positive cash flow and equity uplift / profit on completion. There are so many options with this duplex property – live in one side, sell the other – live in one side, rent the other – rent one side, sell the other – rent both sides or sell both sides, basically what ever option you choose, YOU WILL MAKE MONEY!!

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Ecco Ripley

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